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This bass is really simple. It’s the one I built during my guitar making course. Woods and construction style were not my choice. It is basically a MUSICMAN Stingray copy, but I went for a Jazz Bass style neck, which I find more comfortable.

I had noticed that I never used the controls on my old YAMAHA so I decided to skip the potentiometers. This way, and thanks to the Start jackplate on the back, I could avoid a plastic cover (yuck).

This bass is the only instrument featured on this website that I still own to this day. It has a pleasant “raw” sound, suited for rock music.

Brazilian Mahogany body.

Bartolini Music Man pickup, Schaller Rollerbridge.

RockHard Maple neck with Fender style skunk stripe truss rod.

Direct output : no volume, no tones. Switches are mounted inside the jackplate's cavity.

Schaller tuners.

switchs are : coils selector (A ; A+B ; B), wiring selector (series or parallel).

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