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Although started after the 5 string, this bass is my second. The 5 string construction was stopped due to pickup money shortage, so I decided to cannibalize my very first bass (# 000 built in 1998) which was useless, being hardly playable and poor sounding…

Furthermore, at the time I salvaged some Carbon Fiber rod off-cuts from my job, and the thought of trying it as a fretless fingerboard was on my mind since then.

I therefore created this Carbon Fiber fingerboard fretless with a Carbon Fiber laminated neck.

I don’t think I’ll do it again, despite the good feedback regarding the sound. It is an unpleasant material to work with and when I changed jobs I’ve lost the ability to work it with the appropriate tools. I now find that Maçaranduba, a very VERY hard exotic wood, is an excellent substitute.

After some completely unexpected meetings, this bass was reviewed in Guitarist Magazine (French edition). It was afterwards sold by a music shop in Caen (Normandy).

Ash body.

« Jazz bass » Seymour Duncan pickups (European maple covers), Schaller Rollerbridge.

Set in neck, European maple with carbon fiber laminations.

Carbon fiber fingerboard and top nut.

String through body.

Gotoh machine heads.

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