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This guitar is the most representative of my design standpoint, my next basses will certainly follow the same view.

Being a fretless guitar, every parameter was bent toward one goal: sustain. To me increasing the sustain is achieved by diminishing the portion of the string’s energy absorbed by the guitar.

This is why I went for:

-a very stiff neck, laminated from Hard Ash and Maçaranduba

-a very hard fingerboard, made from Maçaranduba (an exotic wood 1.5 times harder than Ebony which the reference in term of fingerboard) coated with Cyanoacrylate (very hard surface and hard-wearing)

-an integral neck to body joint, with a neck-through design, sandwiched between the top and the body.

In addition to this I chose a rather hard piece of Maple for the top and a Sipo body, used a short and tilted headstock (added stiffness), a Tonepros bridge (locking Tune-O-Matic) with Graphtech saddles.

This guitar also had to be equipped with a hexaphonic pickup and 13 pin output (for modeliser or MIDI converter). After some research, I settled on the Graphtech Ghost system : a bridge equipped with six piezo elements, a mono/stereo preamp Acoustiphonic for blending the “electric” sound of the magnetic pickup with the “electro acoustic” sound of the piezo elements, a six channel preamp Hexaphonic for the 13 pin output. I’m really happy with the system and I’d like to thank David King for his precious help.

I also want to mention that all the woods in this guitar (except the .5mm Mahogany veneer) as well as the 5 string’s Maple top come from Bellême Bois.

Fretless guitar.

Sipo body.

Maçaranduba fingerboard, Mahogany lines, mother of pearl inlay.

European maple top.

Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickup, Maçaranduba cover, Graphtech piezo Tune-O-Matic.

Maçaranduba knobs, outputs on stereo/mono jack and 13 pins DIN.

Graphtech Ghost Acoustiphonic and Hexpander preamps .

Hard Ash and Maçaranduba five piece neck.

Sipo veneer, Gotoh machine heads.

Scarfed on headstock, bone nut, European maple veneer.

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